Easter holidays activity

Easter holidays activity

In celebration of Easter, the spiritual team at Hôtel-Dieu de France orchestrated a special commemoration at the "Notre-Dame de Tendresse" chapel, creating a profound atmosphere of devotion and reflection.

The celebrations began with a Palm Sunday mass conducted by Father Alain Elias on Sunday, March 24th, establishing an atmosphere of reverence and solemnity among those present.

On the other hand, the Holy Week concluded with a poignant Good Friday (Holy Friday) mass led by Father Elias Daou on Friday, March 29th. The prayers exchanged during this ceremony were filled with profound reflection, echoing the collective sentiments of the congregation.

The most memorable event of the week was the Resurrection Mass conducted by Father Alain Elias on Saturday, March 30th, characterized by a feeling of joy and rejuvenation. This occasion provided a beacon of hope and solidarity as individuals joined together in prayer.

The Easter celebrations provided an opportunity for hospital staff and patients' families to gather, meditate, and pray for peace and healing. The participating priests underscored the importance of solidarity and spiritual connection in fostering hope and resilience during challenging times.

May these moments of prayer and fellowship inspire each of us to continue spreading love, compassion, and faith amidst the uncertainties of life

HDF-USJ Hospital Network Spiritual Day

HDF-USJ Hospital Network Spiritual Day

In preparation for theEaster, the spiritual animators team of HDF-USJ hospital network organized a spiritual day entitled "He's not here..." (Mt.28/6) at the Monastery of Sisters of the Holy Family in Aabrine on Saturday, March 16, 2024.

The day began with a morning prayer, guided by Father Alain Elias, followed by a session led by Brother Joseph Ashraf s.j.

During this session, Brother Joseph Ashraf s.j.  shared teachings, exploring the many facets of life, perceived as a series of challenges and pitfalls, while offering advice on how to face them with courage.

This interactive exchange enabled participants to share ideas and opinions in working groups dedicated to discussing the subject. In addition, Brother Joseph Ashraf s.j. emphasized that "constant presence" is the most beautiful impulse of love, highlighting Jesus' resurrection as a sign of His permanent presence among us.

The participants then celebrated a mass, presided by Father Felix Chwah, in the presence of the hospital network priests. Among the ideas discussed, miracles are revealed as solid foundations of faith, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ as a powerful demonstration of divine power and victory over death.

The participants then visited the museum and tomb of Patriarch Elias Hoyek, before continuing their journey to the Monastery of St. Joseph in Jrabta.

Protocol for child protection

Protocol for child protection

In order to strengthen child protection in Lebanon, Hôtel-Dieu de France recently organized a conference bringing together various institutional actors, such as relevant departments (Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Emergency, Health Center), as well as concerned NGOs, nursing and medical staff, residents, and interns. Under the leadership of Dr. Bernard Gerbaka, head of the existing Child Protection Unit since 2009, this conference marked the update of a dedicated protocol to ensure optimal care for children suspected of being victims of abuse, as well as their families.

Throughout this event, different departments actively participated, addressing a variety of topics and approaches, including the hospital's Health Center, emergency services, pediatrics, and psychiatry, with a particular emphasis on the importance of interviews with children and their families according to a guide developed by the psychology department and the Faculty of Humanities. The need to act quickly and effectively in cases of abuse was clearly emphasized and shared, and it was announced that these initiatives and trainings will be continued within the hospital and the HDF/USJ hospital network as a "child-friendly and child-protective" approach.

Together for a secure present and a flourishing future for all children!

International cooperation agreement with Angers University Hospital

International cooperation agreement with Angers University Hospital

Hôtel-Dieu de France is pleased to announce the signing of an international cooperation agreement with the Angers University Hospital Center.

This agreement includes two components:

1.            The coordination by Angers University Hospital Center to provide material support to the services of Hôtel-Dieu de France.

2.            The participation of Angers University Hospital Center in the professional development of medical, paramedical, medical-technical, and administrative staff of Hôtel-Dieu de France. To this end, these professionals will undergo additional training in France at Angers University Hospital Center.

In the initial phase, the cooperation will focus on the training needs of the medical imaging department.

This international cooperation project benefits from the support of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health.

Angers University Hospital Center is a healthcare institution of both national and local importance. It is among the largest healthcare facilities in France and fulfills a threefold mission: providing healthcare and prevention services, offering education, and conducting research. Angers University Hospital Center encompasses a wide range of disciplines, covering all medical, surgical, and biological specialties, including the most complex and rare ones.

Here are some key figures regarding Angers University Hospital Center:

• 202,358 patients

• 1,745 beds and capacity

• 6,904 employees and professionals

• 513,321 patients treated through outpatient care and consultations

• 25,926 surgical interventions

It is worth noting that Angers University Hospital Center actively participated in providing material support to Hôtel-Dieu de France following the catastrophic explosion at the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020.

Hôtel-Dieu de France is extremely proud of this collaboration and is eager to implement the planned actions.


Let's walk together against colorectal cancer

Let's walk together against colorectal cancer

As part of Blue March, Hôtel Dieu de France proudly participated as a committed partner in the Said Walkathon, an event organized by Said NGO dedicated to raising awareness about colon cancer.During the day, the Hemato-Oncology depatment launched awareness campaigns and interactive quizzes aimed at informing the public about the challenges related to this cancer. Proud to have supported the mission of SAID NGO, let's walk together against cancer and offer our support to those affected!

New Zeiss Artivo 800 digital microscope

New Zeiss Artivo 800 digital microscope

Center Hdf Laservision is proud to announce the acquisition of a Zeiss Artivo 800 digital microscope, equipped with the latest 3D imaging technology.

This technological advance maximizes the information visualized, offering greater control at every stage. This enables the ophthalmologist to manage each pathology in a unique and more detailed way.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. Nassib Nasr, General Manager of the HDF, and Prof. Elie Nemr, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the USJ, alongside the center's managers and ophthalmologists from all over the country.

Department heads, senior executives, medical professionals and members of the nursing staff were also present.

World Hearing Day

World Hearing Day

In celebration of World Hearing Day, our Otolaryngology Department has collaborated with Promedz to initiate an awareness campaign.

Within our hospital, health experts hosted an interactive stand offering visitors an experience on hearing issues, including targeted information, hearing screenings for children, and free listening tests.

Fun games were also offered to healthcare professionals and visitors to stimulate their knowledge.

Let's unite to ensure that hearing care is accessible to all!

Inauguration of the Psynéma cinéclub

Inauguration of the Psynéma cinéclub

In an exceptional evening, the Psychiatry Department of the Hôtel Dieu de France inaugurated its brand new "Psynéma" cinéclub on Friday March 1, with the screening of the film " Kfarnahum ", winner of the Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

A discussion session with director Nadine Labaki followed the screening, in the presence of the Director General of the HDF/USJ hospital network Mr. Nassib Nasr, Pr Rami Bou Khalil, Head of the Psychiatry Department, and Pr Bernard Gerbaka, Head of the Child Protection Unit.

The session gave participants the opportunity to explore the themes addressed in the film in greater depth, and to exchange views with director Nadine Labaki.


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