Travel Clinic

Traveling soon?
Let Our Clinic Be Your First Destination!

As soon as you plan a trip abroad, consider stopping by our Travel Clinic for a personalized pre-travel clinic
First of its kind in Lebanon, the Travel Clinic of the Family Medicine Center brings together health professionals holding a degree in travel  medicine. It is the only clinic in Lebanon listed on the network of the International Society of Travel Medicine.
Compliant with international requirements and stands, the Clinic offers a multitude of health services adapted to all types of travelers:

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Travel tips
  • Personalized vaccination: routine and travel-related vaccines
  • Prescription of preventive treatments against malaria and other health problems
  • Post-travel follow-up

For an optimal protection, visit us preferably six weeks prior to your departure.


remi daou Dr. Rémi Daou
Medical Director
Photo Raymond Moussaed
Photo Georgina Boutros
Community Care Coordinator
Photo Sanaa Dahdouh
Community Care Coordinator
Claude Rached
Community Care Coordinator
Nohad Daher
Contact us

  01 – 604000 Ext : 8181 

Opening hours

  Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm