Ophtalmology Center HDF-LaserVision

The Ophthalmology Center HDF-LaserVision is a medicine center and a center of ocular surgeries on the cutting edge of technology. It provides all the services related to ocular medicine such as surgeries, laser treatments, full x-rays and medical examinations. It is equipped with the most recent technologies, high-precision machines, and specialized lenses to treat cataract, blue water, glaucoma, strabismus, the retina, and other surgeries such as keratoplasty and blepharoplasty.

More than 30 specialists ophthalmologists are present in this center as well as nurses, caregivers, technicians and specialists who perform the different tests and analyses.

Three floors of 1250m2 in the building of the external clinics are assigned to the Center HDF-LaserVision, composed of 4 operating rooms, recovery rooms, 9 individual rooms and rooms for small surgeries. It also has 4 consultation clinics, 3 optometric clinics, a complete technical platform, specular microscopy, biometrics, angiography, VCO, topography, ophthalmic lasers, Argon/YAG/SLT, as well as an operating room dedicated to ophthalmology.


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  01 – 604000 Ext: 9800

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