Quality and Safety of Care

Quality is at the heart of the management of the university medical center, Hôtel-Dieu de France, and at the heart of the concerns of all medical, nursing and administrative actors serving the patient.

We are working on three strategic axes:

  • Develop the Culture of Quality
  • Ensure the Coordination of Quality and Risk Management
  • Conceive and develop the Processes of Continuous Quality Improvement

These guidelines are manifested among all medical and administrative actors in order to encourage them to show a participative leadership, centered on the patient, and a fair attitude oriented towards the continuous improvement of our services.

The Quality, Patient Safety and Risk Management Policy (PQ-QMPS-140#3: QGRPS Policy) complies with the charter of the rights and obligations of patients and the code of ethics and professional conduct, in application of Law 574 of February 11, 2004. The Charter is displayed in all the hospital’s units.

Contact us

 01-604 000 ext. 7011



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