The services provided by the Department of Endocrinology:

  • Screening and treatment of endocrine and metabolic diseases
  • Diabetes Education Center
  • Radioactive iodine room
  • Privileged collaboration with the hormonology laboratory
  • Teaching and research

The specialty requires collaboration with many other medico-surgical specialties (cardiology, nephrology, gynecology, pediatrics, general surgery) and with the dietetics department.

The Department of Endocrinology, consisting of 4 practitioners, offers a comprehensive approach in terms of screening, diagnosis and treatment of all types of endocrine and metabolic disorders including diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, thyroid diseases, metabolic bone diseases (phosphor-calcium metabolism disorders and osteoporosis), pituitary and adrenal pathologies, gonadal pathologies and growth disorders.

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  01- 604 000 Ext: 6650

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