Hôtel-Dieu de France was the first hospital in Lebanon to introduce the Hospital Information System (HIS) in September 2018 and install it within its institution.

This technological breakthrough represents a major tool for monitoring hospital activity on several levels and contributes to the optimization of the patient circuit and the reform of the management of structures. Through this system, Hôtel-Dieu de France is committed to centralizing its services around the patient by ensuring perfect data synchronization.

The HIS offers the hospital a series of advantages:

  • Efficiency and Speed

This new system allows patients to have a complete and secure medical file (Imaging – Laboratory – Pharmacy - Hospitalization), thus helping professionals with the medical diagnosis, as well as other facilities related to the patient’s circuit, from admission to discharge.

  • Optimization and Performance

The HIS is the ideal tool to guarantee a better time optimization, resource management, cost reductions, productivity maximization and improved coordination between professionals, for an even better service to the patient.

  • Traceability and Transparency

The system also enables HDF professionals to trace and monitor processes at all levels (medical – nursing - administrative) for improved data accessibility and faster decision-making.

  • Support and Proximity

Finally, the HIS offers a better quality of support, services and care, allowing professionals to free themselves from certain routine and administrative tasks and gain time at the side of the patient.

Always holding the comfort of its patients in mind, HDF offers the people optimal, professional and universal services. The application and the implementation of the HIS serve healthcare professionals, patients and visitors alike. This system is therefore a remarkable step towards the hospital of tomorrow.