Founded in 1977, the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology includes a hospitalization unit and an endoscopy and functional explorations unit providing diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

Committed to excellence in clinical care, research and education, the Department strives to provide quality care with a focus on patient satisfaction, optimization of outcomes, and research. Through its academic mission, the Department is dedicated to training residents and ensuring ongoing professional development of physicians through educational programs covering all aspects of hepato-gastroenterology with the aim of training new generations of gastroenterologists.

The patient is at the heart the entire team’s interests, which works to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for digestive and hepatic disorders, from the most frequent to the most complex, while ensuring patient safety and satisfaction in an efficient and confidential environment.

The endoscopy unit team guarantees the safety and comfort of the interventions carried out by the unit. With 5 gastroenterologists for adults and 2 for children, an anesthesiologist, 5 specialized nurses in endoscopy and 3 nurse anesthetists, the unit provides a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic examinations covering all fields of gastroenterology and hepatology:

  1. Diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy
  2. Diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy
  3. Endoscopic Gastrostomy
  4. Single Balloon enteroscopy
  5. Diagnostic and therapeutic echoendoscopy (cytopuncture, drainage of pancreatic cysts...)
  6. Therapeutic ERCP (Spy Glass…)
  7. Endoscopic video capsule
  8. Diagnostic and therapeutic proctology (hemorroidal ligation and infrared treatment for hemorrhoids, electrocoagulation of condyloma and Botox injections)
  9. Hepatic elastography - Fibroscan
  10. Hepatic hemodynamics and transjugular liver biopsy
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