The emergency department is one of the main departments of the hospital. In addition to its host and orientation role with patients with different degrees of emergency, this department is a satellite service that has many determinants: protect the hospital, regulate the patient flow in normal times and in times of crises, and detect the beginnings of pandemics. Furthermore, it has an important academic role in the training of med students. In fact, it constitutes an essential pillar of the hospital.

The particularity of its organization allows it to deal with the unexpected, while respecting the accommodation capacity of the hospital and its prerogatives.

The emergency department provides for the patients an immediate care 24/24 every day of the year without a selection to the administration of first aid, the diagnostic procedures and the medical and surgical therapeutic procedures. Moreover, it keeps the patients for care and surveillance until their admission to an available hospitable bed or a transfer to another hospital if the condition of the patient allows it, in case no hospitable bed is available 

The emergency department ensures the management of the Morgue department by the transfer of the deceased in the hospital or in their home.

In addition, the emergency department consists of several zones:

  • Triage and reception
  • Care rooms
  • Emergency trauma room
  • Pediatrics

Furthermore, there is a specific admission department for emergencies.

The health care team consists of:

  • Medical team:
  • 3 full-time paramedics
  • 3 part-time and temporary paramedics
  • 1 pediatrician 24/7
  • 1 pediatric resident
  • 2 specialized residents
  • 4 to 5 residents TCM/month
  • 9 to 10 interns
  • Nurse team:
  • 1 senior executive
  • 1 senior care
  • 24 nurses
  • 24 orderly
  • A person tasked with customer relations and a secretary

Beyond its mission, the emergency department adopts a humanitarian welcome policy despite every kind of crisis, while aligning itself with the hospital’s policy, supported by a devoted and missionary professional care team.

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