Your admission

The Admissions Office is open 24/7 for emergency admissions.

For elective admissions, the office is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For hospital admissions, you must follow the steps below:

étape 1


1st step: Consult your doctor




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2nd step: To reserve your hospitalization, you can:

- contact the Reservation and Support Office via WhatsApp on 00961 81 147 400 or by e-mail « »

- or proceed to The Admissions Office to hand them the required documents:

  • Admission Request Form
  • Patient Identification card (if available)
  • Personal ID card
  • Medical insurance card (if available)


step 3 3rd step: The Admissions Office will call you to inform you of:

- The costs of your hospitalization and the mode of payment (noting that an authorization from your third-party payer should be secured 48 hours prior to your admission or the amount due must be payed)

- Your appointment for the anesthesia consultation

étape 44th step: You will be contacted the day before your admission by SMS to inform you about the date and time of your admission the next day.

For Admissions through the Emergency Department:

A medical and nursing team will welcome you as soon as possible depending on the seriousness of your case. In case an admission to the hospital is needed, the time of your stay in the Emergency Department is closely related to the availability of beds. The costs of your Emergency visit will be added to your hospital bill.