Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery consisting a major technological innovation in patient care, particularly oncological is now available for the patients and the medical practitioners at Hôtel-Dieu de France.

After the January 2022 agreement signed between HDF and the Clinique du Levant, granting HDF an exclusive access to the only robot of the last generation in Lebanon (Da Vinci Xi robot), the hospital reinforces its policy of innovation and its desire to offer patients cutting-edge medical care. The Da Vinci Xi robot is a remote manipulation system that allows the surgeon to remotely control the robot’s arms. This model guarantees a high level of security and an important performance as it has a high precision movement capacity and includes a high-definition imaging system.

Robotic surgery performed with the Da Vinci Xi surgical robot offers the advantages of open surgery but in minimally invasive mode. Robotic surgery is possible for various procedures including urological surgery, digestive and thoracic surgery and gynecological surgery. The advantages of this type of surgical procedure are undeniable: faster recovery, less scars, less post-operative pain, less operative complications and a shortened hospital stay.

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