Your Discharge

Your Discharge Order

Visit of the attending physician

Your attending physician alone can determine the date of your discharge depending on your medical condition.

Settling your payments

The cashier will call you to settle your bill and receive your discharge sheet.

Your transportation

Transportation and ambulance costs are not covered by the hospital.

Your Bill

During your stay, you will be kept regularly informed of the amount of your hospital bill. You will be asked to gradually settle partial payments or pay an advance for health services that are not covered by your third-party payer.

Keep your receipts, they will be claimed to close the bill at the end of your stay.

Your bill will include the total amount of the various services provided:

- Flat rate per day of a hospital stay

- The amount of each healthcare service (medication, check-ups, tests, medical procedures, medical supplies, prostheses…)

- Medical fees

- A summary bill indicating the amount to be paid and the one covered by your third-party payer

You should not be charged any additional costs or fees.