A dual event

On the initiative of the psychiatry department at HDF, a conference entitled: 'Homosexuality: scientific facts' was organized in the Nadège and Henri Obegi auditorium. The conference was moderated by Pr. Michel Scheuer and presented by Pr. Sami Richa, Head of the psychiatry department at HDF, who addressed an audience composed mainly of health professionals, as well as people from various professional occupations.

Several testimonies of situations where health professionals have shown homophobic attitudes were reported to the audience by the senior nurse of the psychiatry department, Cheftaine Doris Choueifaty, as well as the residents of the psychiatry department.

This conference was followed by the screening of the film: De son Vivant (2021), and a virtual meeting by Teams with one of the actors in the film: Dr. Gabriel Sara, a Lebanese oncologist practicing medicine in the United States and this at the initiative of the ethics committee of HDF.