Founded in 2010 and composed of 10 psychiatrists, the Department of Psychiatry:

  1. offers multidisciplinary care to children, adolescents, adults and seniors suffering from mental disorders.
  2. represents a training ground for students from different faculties of Saint Joseph University.
  3. undertakes research activities on mental illness and related treatment.
  4. has a social mission that is reflected in the free assistance provided for ensuring care for people in need.

The Department offers:

  • Supportive and occupational therapies
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation:

  • Day hospital (psychotherapeutic, occupational and dietary interventions, as well as medical and nursing follow-up)
  • Cognitive remediation
  • Psychoeducation program for families

  • Liaison psychiatry (psychiatric consultations in the hospital's departments and in the Emergency Department)
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  • Social actions:

  • Consultations at the HDF Family Medicine Center
  • Free consultations every Thursday, provided to four non-governmental organizations (NGOs):

  1. Association du Foyer de l’Enfant Libanais (AFEL)
  2. Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS)
  3. Sesobel
  4. Epsilon

  • Francophone Association for Mental Illnesses (AFMM) :

  1. Combating stigma through awareness programs for professionals and the public.
  2. Financial assistance to people suffering from a mental disorder and living in a precarious situation: free hospitalization, free consultations, free medications...
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  01-604 000 Ext: 5750

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