The Palliative Care Unit, currently consisting of 3 doctors, was established in 2016 at HDF, and is considered to be a pioneer in palliative care in Lebanon.

Palliative care offers assistance, attention and support to patients and their families by taking into account their overall suffering: physical, psychological, social and spiritual.

The team works in collaboration with the mobile palliative care team as well as with physicians from other specialties.

Through its academic mission, the Palliative Care Unit is dedicated to:

  • training of interns and residents of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Saint Joseph University, as well as Lebanese and foreign nursing trainees;
  • ongoing high-level training for professionals;
  • research and improvement of care.

HDF also offers the possibility of accessing palliative care at home.

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Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology
Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology
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  01-604 000 Ext: 0850

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