General Medical Assessment (GMA)

Medical consultation - Complete blood test - Urinalysis - Immunologic test - Technical Medical Exams

Including but not limited to : Optometry - Tonometry - Audiometry (Resting electrocardiogram - Free consultation with dietitian: Impedance measurement)

GMA + Gynecological Assessment (GMA-GYA)

Consultation with a gynecologist - Complete blood test - Urinalysis - Technical medical exams - mammography and echography

GMA + Smoker & Ex-smoker Assessment (GMA-SA)

Consultation with a pneumologist - Consultation with an ENT doctor - Urinalysis - Technical medical exams

GMA + Cardiovascular Assessment (GMA-CA)

Medical consultation with a cardiologist - Complete blood test - Urinalysis - Technicam Medical Exams
Booking is required one month prior your arrival
The launching of these preventive medicine packages will be done at ARAB HEALTH 2018
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